Social Media for Hospitality, Food and Beverage Industry

19 11 2009

Ken Burgin recently wrote an article that appeared in Hotel News Resource that includes some very useful tips for small businesss in the F&B industry considering using social media. I believe some of the biggest opportunities for social media use are with those businesses that consistently require selling of new units, be it plates of pasta, drinks, tickets or rooms. This is one of the reasons why the Hotel industry has moved so quickly into this space after numerous large names like MGM (their Twitter, their Facebook) have found success.

Here are some highlights of particular importance that I wanted to share:

  1. The Facebook Page should be as good as the website. Make sure to include your logo obviously, plenty of photos, videos/commercials if you have them, and invite customers and staff to join – this is a great marketing opportunity. Promote it on menus, signs, customer feedback form and even vehicles.
  2. Don’t mention the competitors. Better to say nothing than make negative comments. Everyone knows you’re better – leave it at that.
  3. Make sure content is fresh, not stale. It’s not a good look if the last update was 3 months ago. Many businesses now have weekly social media updates handled by a specific person (not the boss)

I would be curious what good old Gordon would say regarding restaurant marketing.  Probably something to the effect of  focusing on the food, which goes without saying.  If you’re food (or product) is awful, no amount of social marketing will make it any better.  But I know there are plenty of businesses out there with great products that simply need a little help getting the word out – social media is PERFECT for that.