Social Media and the Fortune 100

7 07 2010

This is just one of the fantastic graphs put together by the team behind iStrategy, which breaks out what platforms the Fortune 100 are engaged with. For the full graphical work, click here.


Global Audience Spends Two Hours More a Month on Social Networks than Last Year

22 04 2010

“On average, global web users across 10 countries spent roughly five and a half hours on social networks in February 2010, up more than two hours from the same time last year. While the U.S. boasts the largest unique social networking audience, Italian and Australian web surfers led the way for average time on site with more than six hours each in February.”

Read full article from here.

Socializing with the Fortune 500

15 03 2010

“A longitudinal study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research shows steady uptake of social media marketing activities by Fortune 500 companies, with Twitter a clear winner.”

“Even more Fortunate 500 companies have a Twitter account—35% (Twitter usage was not studied in 2008). Four out of the top five corporations on the list post regularly to their Twitter accounts. As with blogs, the top 100 companies have the greatest share of social media presence. “

Read full article here.

Social activities blur personal and professional

12 03 2010

” Social media usage has soared not just among the general population but also among at-work Internet users, who are heading to the sites for both personal and professional reasons in greater numbers.

“The Collaborative Internet” report from Internet security firm FaceTime Communications found increases in the proportion of at-work Web users worldwide logging on to each network studied…

Overall, FaceTime found 95% of at-work Internet users headed to social sites during the work day for either personal or professional reasons, 61% did so at least once daily, and 15% said they were on the networks “constantly throughout the day.” “

Read full article here.

Restaurant Marketing via Twitter

22 02 2010

Interesting video clip of a restaurant manager who attributes a good portion of his property’s success to the use of Twitter. What’s clear is that he truly embraced the medium, not simply dipped his toe into it. This is crucial as there is certainly a learning curve to Twitter and figuring out the myriad dynamics around tweeting, re-tweeting, following, commenting and finally marketing/advertising.

Twitter Exec Chloe Sladden on Twitter Development, Measurement

13 02 2010

Learn more about Daisy Whitney from her blog or by following her on twitter.

Getting Started on Twitter

13 01 2010

Twitter continues intrigue marketers, most of whom are still struggling to understand the basics of:

  1. how it works
  2. why should I care about it
  3. how can my company benefit from it?

This must be one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received from clients and I imagine this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future, especially given the news that the micro-blogging platform saw it’s biggest traffic day ever just a few days ago. I’m working on my 30 second summary explaining Twitter which, once I have it polished, I will do my best to post via video on this blog. I promise!

Until then, I can help you by sharing this video by @steveisaacs where he very succinctly explains some basics for understanding and using Twitter. NOTE: you don’t have to have purple hair to understand Twitter.