Google Buzz: Make The Most Of It With New Apps

2 06 2010

Google Buzz has been growing in popularity since its launch in February 2010. There are new ways in which to fully utilize Google Buzz, such as platforms like TweetDeck, Seesmic, Plancast and Boxee.

For example, Tweetdeck enables users to view updates, see venue information, check in from a venue and more. Tweetdeck also now supports custom URL shorteners, better video upload and scheduled updates.

To see how these platforms can help you check out the new TweetDeck version 0.34 which is available for download now or you can update your existing version of TweetDeck to get all the new stuff.



Ad of the Week: NexusOne’s NINJA’S UNBOXING

29 01 2010

As far as we’re concerned, any ad that has ninjas in it AUTOMATICALLY is considered for Ad of the Week. This commercial is particularly interesting and original; who knew Ninjas loved technology as much as the art of stealth assassination? Although if you think about it, Ninjas could benefit from smartphone technology, especially one that integrates Google applications into a single device so they can stay connected to their:

  1. Calendar: see who they’re supposed to assassinate on which days
  2. Email: exchange emails with other ninjas to take over their shifts when they have to go to the DMV to renew their driver’s license
  3. GPS: see where their assassination targets are located, as well as the closest Starbucks to fuel up on caffeine and biscotti before the job
  4. Facebook/Twitter: “ripped a hole in the crotch area of my Ninja suit – oops!”

If you decide to buy a NexusOne, make sure you don’t open it around any Ninjas or be prepared for the consequences.

Happy Friday!

Chasing Mobile Audiences Beyond Phones

18 01 2010

The line between desktop, laptop, computer, mobile device continues to become even more blurred. This is an interesting video that touches on the idea that as internet access continues its penetration, increasingly through wireless, it only increases the opportunities for engagement between users, advertisers and communities. This should further a trend that has already taken hold with the advent of smart devices allowing micro-blogging/updating. It’s in fact that unique combination of this access with platforms that have enabled a thought, an offer or an experience to be instantly communicated to the world.

For companies, it means NOW is the time to be ensuring that you have a.) first decided the importance of listening to what your consumers are saying, b.) based on that, determining how much responding and/or proactive communications your organization wants to be responsible for, c.) begin strategizing on how to make it happen.

Checking out Amazon Associates on Blogger

19 12 2009

Just heard that Blogger has integrated Amazon Associates and I’m trying to test it out.

So far it works pretty good – when is WordPress going to follow?

See in action here.

CNBC Video: Pete Blackshaw on the Future of Advertising

14 11 2009

The embed isn’t working very well but this is a good summary clip of some of the buzz taking place at AdWeek and also Pete Blackshaw’s thoughts on what brands need to consider about when it comes to both advertising and social media.