Create, Enjoy and Live – Random Art Workshop

10 10 2009

I’m excited to begin working with the folks at Random Art Workshop. They have a fantastic space in Causeway Bay (12th floor, Unit 1203 Island Beverley – 1 Great George) and they help Hong Kongers create an outlet to uncover their passions through art. Hong Kong is an ideal city for RAW, where the urban jungle can be overwhelmingly draining; running around with millions of people, crammed into a super-small area surrounded by massive skyscrapers tends to grate on one’s creativity. Offering both instructor led formal classes and workshops, RAW is a great place for both individuals and groups to rediscover and feed their creative spirit by finding the inner artist in a fun, creative and supportive atmosphere.
RAW logo
Check out their site; follow them on Twitter; fan them on Facebook.

Create, Enjoy, Live!