Leveraging Social Networking Beyond Marketing

17 12 2009

Work smarter not harder. Leverage social media to enhance your employee’s productivity as well as your customer service/feedback loops. Easier said than done however buying into the idea is the first step.


Viralheat Demo

7 12 2009

From their YouTube Channel, Viralheat tracks the pulse of the web. Get realtime results across 200 video sharing sites, microblogs, websites, blogs and social networks in one dashboard. Built from the ground up to be timely and efficient, Viralheat allows users to easily comprehend social media. You’ll be able to see realtime sentiment about brands, products, topics, celebrities & anything else. Track trends and get insights that influence audience.

PeopleBrowsr – Real-Time CrunchUp 2009

30 11 2009

From their site, PeopleBrowsr is a data mine and social search engine for real time conversations. They’ve built a set of applications sitting on the data mine to monitor your brand, identify your audience, analyze tweets sentiment, filter the buzz, manage feedback, share accounts, run campaigns, track keywords, build widgets and engage across multiple social networks simultaneously. Anyone use them and have feedback?