AD OF THE WEEK: State of The Internet according to JESS3

27 05 2010

We haven’t done one of these in a while but we promise to pick them back up – hope everyone is having a great week!

I’ve chosen this video as the ad of the week as it follows a philosophy that Moonlight also believes strongly in: advertising through education.  We love in world where decisions are made based on data and evidence, thus the best advertising is simply information that helps educate the consumer to make a better decision.

Incidentally, we’re very excited to be working on some of our own information that we hope to share with all of you in the summer time.

Some memorable take-aways:

  • 1.73 billion internet users worldwide (September 2009). Of those users, 418,029,796 are in Europe, 67,371,700 are in Africa, 20,970,490 are in Oceania and Australia, 179,031,479 are in Latin America and the Caribbean, 252,908,000 are in North America, and 738,257,230 are in Asia.
  • On social network sites, 84% of them had more women than men. Twitter had 27.3 million messages, or tweets, sent per day in November 2009. Ashton Kutcher is no joke. His Twitter account, @aplusk, had 4.25 million followers, and he was the most followed Twitter user. Speaking of social networks, Facebook served 20 billion page views per month; that’s more than 6 million page views per minute and 37.4 trillion page views in a year.
  • Taking a look at image content, 2.5 billion photos were upload each month to Facebook and 4 billion photos were hosted by Flickr (as of October 2009). At the current rate, 30 billion photos will be uploaded to Facebook per year.
  • The YouTube video platform served 1 billion videos per day; 12.2 billion videos were viewed per month in the U.S. (as of November 2009). Hulu had 924 million video views per month in the U.S. (as of November 2009). The average internet user watches 182 videos per month is the U.S. In the U.S., 82% of internet users view videos online.

Ad of the Week: Google’s Superbowl Commercial

12 02 2010

This commercial aired during Superbowl XLIV; it’s really simple yet works on so many levels and it does a very effective job of showcasing the power of search (in this case Google’s). I was surprised that there wasn’t more involvement of GPS widget mapping etc. given their recent NexusOne push, but perhaps they wanted to maintain the simplicity of the advert.

Ad of the Week: NexusOne’s NINJA’S UNBOXING

29 01 2010

As far as we’re concerned, any ad that has ninjas in it AUTOMATICALLY is considered for Ad of the Week. This commercial is particularly interesting and original; who knew Ninjas loved technology as much as the art of stealth assassination? Although if you think about it, Ninjas could benefit from smartphone technology, especially one that integrates Google applications into a single device so they can stay connected to their:

  1. Calendar: see who they’re supposed to assassinate on which days
  2. Email: exchange emails with other ninjas to take over their shifts when they have to go to the DMV to renew their driver’s license
  3. GPS: see where their assassination targets are located, as well as the closest Starbucks to fuel up on caffeine and biscotti before the job
  4. Facebook/Twitter: “ripped a hole in the crotch area of my Ninja suit – oops!”

If you decide to buy a NexusOne, make sure you don’t open it around any Ninjas or be prepared for the consequences.

Happy Friday!

Pachube: The New Way To Store Your Information

15 01 2010

Pachube has recently come out with an interesting new way for customers to keep track of information. From weather to electricity meter readings to temperature, Pachube is a wonderful application. Below is a sample of how Pachube appears on the iPhone:


Some cool features:
– Create and update new Pachube feeds using the Apple iPhone.
– Manage upto 20 simultaneous Pachube feeds.
– Geolocate and timestamp custom data.
– View 24 hour history graphs.
– Edit detailed feed metadata.

For more information, visit their website. Viral Video Consultants

30 12 2009

Kip & Kip – legendary viral video consultants. Love it!

Ad of the Week: Verizon DROID Pretty

4 12 2009

I really like this ad because it does an effective job at speaking to the target demo for Droid purchasers: mainly the techy/geeky male vertical as well as those fed up with iPhone for whatever reasons and looking for an alternative.

There are really two basic themes within the ad: 1.) rebelling against the popularity of the iPhone and 2.) choosing instead a device that is focused on speed and utility. It also puts the viewer in a difficult place to defend why he/she would choose the iPhone, given the way the argument is framed.

Who’s likely to argue that they they prefer beauty/popularity over speed and utility?

I even wonder if it’s perhaps a bit of brilliant subliminal messaging, given some of the broohaha over beauty queens in the US that’s been created as of late due to childish behavior of one in particular? If so, well played Google/Verizon. Well played.

Ad of the Week – IKEA Gives Away Furniture Via Facebook Name Tagging

27 11 2009

The best type of advertising bar none is word-of-mouth. The second best is PERCEIVED word of mouth which Facebook has been working on for quite some time by allowing users to see certain preferences and actions of their friends. IKEA took advantage of this for a creative ad campaign to promote a new store.

The idea was simple: 1.) upload pictures of IKEA showrooms, 2.) the first person to tag themselves on the various products in each picture, won the product they tagged.

The result was some serious tagging and even more serious advertising exposure for Ikea.  Instead of people just looking at a banner with furniture, the users promoted IKEA themselves through their behaviors, drawing their networks of friends into the competition essentially via word of mouth.

View the actual photo album they uploaded on the profile page created for this campaign – personal page of store manager Gordon Gustavsson.

Crucial to this initiative is to realize that IKEA committed to the idea through their willingness to give away product.  This adds up; here’s some quick figures to consider:

  • 11 images uploaded for people to win items
  • estimated TOTAL retail cost of products in each image: $10k USD
  • estimated ACTUAL cost of product: $4k (shot in the dark)
  • Total cost: 11 images x $3k USD = $44k USD

This certainly puts the campaign in perspective.  Granted, we also don’t know what marketing budget they planned for this store opening for which this could be a pittance.  Either way though, it demonstrates real commitment on IKEA”s part to offer a tangible and valuable carrot for users which no doubt influenced the success of the campaign.