Comcast’s Brian Roberts: Twitter Changed Our Company

7 11 2009


Brian L. Roberts, CEO of Comcast Corporation, chats with John Battelle about how Twitter has helped them change and improve the way they serve clients as a company.

I particularly liked this video because it’s a great example of a company that clearly had some customer service challenges (many of which usually bleed into brand image and PR challenges as well) and they took the road less traveled and embraced this new technology to use it as a vehicle to improve their service and rebrand themselves in the blogosphere.

It’s also clear that the Executive team, beyond simply giving lip service to the idea and authorizing some lowly intern to start an account, really rallied behind it and mobilized a team for this effort. That’s really the only way to do it when you’re the size of a Comcast (largest cable operator in the US with 25m television subscribers, 15m internet subscribers, 6.4m household telephone accounts). Amazingly, there are still far too many large companies that take the toe-dipping (aka “sip from the fire hydrant”) approach.
Try and take a sip from this!

Check out the ComcastCares Twitter profile of Frank Eliason, the Customer Service Director, and you’ll see that his is one of nine other profiles. You’ll also notice that they provide a whole slew of other resources/sites for folks to get in touch with Comcast, thereby morphing their image as an old stodgy company hard to work with, to one that is hip to new technology and easy to get in touch with.

Not a bad spin job eh?