Ning talks about OpenSocial

13 11 2009

Just got turned on to Ning by Jim and definitely will be spending some time digging into it. It’s a cross between a blog, a social network, and RSS reader all rolled into one. Not exactly sure if it’s a flash in the pan, but thus far it’s pretty slick and the buzz would suggest that it’s certainly got legs. I’m almost tempted to keep it to myself but that would certainly go against the tenets of being a good social media citizen now wouldn’t it?
Moonlight Marketing on Ning

It did take me a good 15 minutes to figure out the interface and where to do what. If you’re slow like me, here’s two quick tips: 1.) manage tab on the right hand side (crucial), 2.) your Network: Features, Tab Manager, and Ning Apps are most immediately crucial.

Good luck and check out my Ning page here.