BING! You’re Fired!

30 12 2009

Not sure if this is true but it certainly sounds plausible, based on the myriad stories I’ve heard of Ballmer’s leadership style. Dynamic, charismatic, bold, impulsive, belligerent, insane are just some of the adjectives that have been used to describe it. Boring – he’s certainly not.


Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

22 12 2009

Ever wondered about where Mr. Splashy Pants came from?

Leveraging Social Networking Beyond Marketing

17 12 2009

Work smarter not harder. Leverage social media to enhance your employee’s productivity as well as your customer service/feedback loops. Easier said than done however buying into the idea is the first step.

Social Media Upends Ski Resort Marketing

15 12 2009

Good video where Vail Resorts CEO Robert Katz cites social media as a marketing game changer, especially for industries like ski resorts. I also like his calling out the fact that social media offers them a new way to get their video content out easier and more quickly than ever before, changing the dynamics of their marketing strategy.

Viralheat Demo

7 12 2009

From their YouTube Channel, Viralheat tracks the pulse of the web. Get realtime results across 200 video sharing sites, microblogs, websites, blogs and social networks in one dashboard. Built from the ground up to be timely and efficient, Viralheat allows users to easily comprehend social media. You’ll be able to see realtime sentiment about brands, products, topics, celebrities & anything else. Track trends and get insights that influence audience.

Ad of the Week: Verizon DROID Pretty

4 12 2009

I really like this ad because it does an effective job at speaking to the target demo for Droid purchasers: mainly the techy/geeky male vertical as well as those fed up with iPhone for whatever reasons and looking for an alternative.

There are really two basic themes within the ad: 1.) rebelling against the popularity of the iPhone and 2.) choosing instead a device that is focused on speed and utility. It also puts the viewer in a difficult place to defend why he/she would choose the iPhone, given the way the argument is framed.

Who’s likely to argue that they they prefer beauty/popularity over speed and utility?

I even wonder if it’s perhaps a bit of brilliant subliminal messaging, given some of the broohaha over beauty queens in the US that’s been created as of late due to childish behavior of one in particular? If so, well played Google/Verizon. Well played.

What You Learn By Analyzing 600k Facebook Pages

3 12 2009
Sysmos, an enterprise social media analytics company, hired 100,000 monkeys working at 50,000 desks (2 per desk) in order to analyze 600,000 Facebook pages. Just joking about the desk thing – each monkey got their own desk.

Monkey Analysis


The massive primate effort resulted in some very interesting findings, which I’ve highlighted below in no particular order.
  • Michael Jackson is the most popular page on Facebook, with 10 million fans; he is followed by actor Vin Diesel (7 million) and U.S. president Barack Obama (6.9 million).
  • On average, a Facebook Page has 4,596 fans.
  • Pages with more than one million fans have nearly three times as much owner-generated content as the average Facebook page. (Where “owner-generated content” means things like photos, videos, and links posted by the page’s administrators.)
  • Pages with more than one million fans have nearly 60 times as much fan-generated content (photos, videos) as the average Facebook page.
  • On an average Facebook Page, the administrators create one wall post every 15.7 days. Among pages with more than one million fans, one wall post is created for every 16.1 days. This suggests that wall post frequency does not correlate with a page’s popularity.
  • Overall, the most popular “category” for Facebook pages is “non-profits”, while “celebrities”, “music”, and “products” are the most popular categories among pages with more than one million fans.

I think these findings are directionally interesting, but for most businesses, 1m fans is an unlikely goal.  It is interesting to see that the average days between posts is around 15 – this seems far too long (half a month!).

I find that the value of Facebook to a business rests in the comfort and familiarity that many now have with the platform and layout, making it easier to navigate certain Facebook Fan pages than the actual website! Therefore, if businesses can successfully get clients to FAN their pages, it’s a powerful communications tool, but one that must not be abused. Also, be truthful and humble about your brand’s strength and signal in the market.