Ad of the Week: Nikon’s Helicopter Boyz

13 11 2009

I thought this was a very unique way to advertise a new feature of the Nikon COOLPIX S1000pj; the camera doubles as a projector.

I’m definitely going to consider wearing this outfit the next time I go clubbing I think; that way I can retire my current standard outfit which is probably a bit out of style….
fat sailor moon

I like this ad because it does a great job of advertising a new feature but in a quirky/original way. At first blush, the projector feature elicited a lukewarm response from me as a consumer, mostly because I’ve never used a camera before as a projector and had a tough time thinking about how I might apply it in my daily life. But after seeing a video like this, you can’t help but at least pause to marvel at the engineering behind the technology, think about the various uses of such a feature, and the cost to buy that many cameras to strap to your body.