Immaginare + Moonlight: Helping the Blogosphere Look and Feel Better!

25 09 2009

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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but making a good first impression never hurt. In fact, in today’s economy with so many looking for work and employers having their pick of the litter, making a good first impression has never been more crucial. Like it or not, we are constantly judged on our appearance, how we speak and communicate, and our etiquette. Whether it be a prospective client, employer, partner or business liaison, the signals we send out do affect what comes back to us.

Image consulting firm Immaginare makes it it’s mission to help client reveal the best of themselves. I’m very excited to begin work on this project as the target audience is dynamic and unique. Whether someone is looking to reinvent him or herself, scared and frantically preparing to go on an interview or important engagement, or simply looking for someone to brainstorm with on those self-improvement areas, Immaginare can craft a custom plan to make their client’s goals a reality. Image consulting is more than a service; it’s a way of thinking about one’s life on how to improve key areas that affect how we interact with the world.

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