+ Moonlight Marketing = Many More Reasons to Travel

24 09 2009

I’m looking forward to working with the Roomorama team and helping them take over the world one traveler at a time.  In their own words, “Roomorama is an online marketplace for short term rentals. Use our service the next time you’re looking for a room for a few days while traveling, or if you have a spare room and are looking for an easy way to earn some cash.


I’m excited to work on this project because I think they have a genuinely good idea and being enthused about the business is 90% of the battle so I think we’re off to a good start.  As someone who loves to travel but always wishes he had more time and funds to do so, offers a unique way for travelers to visit a city without having to spend a fortune, while giving residents an opportunity to help someone out and make a little dough in doing so.  Sounds pretty simple right?

They’ve already received some positive press from the folks at USA Today and The New York Times and they’re just getting started, with great offerings in Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC.

Check out their online presence in these places:

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