1 11 2010

YO – hanging with the JD in CB!


Social Media China: It’s Top Online Players

30 06 2010

China has a growing list of online Social media platforms besides your typical Facebook or Twitter platforms. Other platforms such as Baidu are hugely popular among mainland Chinese, with 64.4% of the population logging into Baidu:

Below is a breakdown of the most trafficked sites in China:

With more and more internet users in China every single year, the future of Social Media is looking very bright. The Beijing Olympics were a huge catalyst for Social Media usage in China, with a surge of 50% spending on Social Media related advertising back in 2008.

Source: morethanadvertising.com

Social Media & The South Africa 2010 World Cup

27 06 2010

Social Media efforts have been embraced within football, from blogs, to live streams, to mobile applications. New initiatives are also in the works, for example CNN’s collaboration with FourSquare where they created two world cup badges with more than 100 viewing parties from across the world.

Social Media has also helped keep the world cup closely knit. For the 2010 world cup, ten stadiums have been used to host the 2010 cup matches. Social Media has helped to keep everyone who has not been able to attend a match in a far fetched location stay connected.

Social Media continues to build momentum and has already come a very long way since the Euro cup back in 2008. Lets see what the future of Social Media for sporting events holds.

Source: Mashable

Plan Your Social Calendar with The Hotlist

9 06 2010

The Hotlist is the first geo-social aggregator that shows people what’s happening today, tomorrow and beyond among their personal networks. The Hotlist is a Facebook-integrated web app that shows you a visual map of upcoming events in your area and across your social network. It highlights what events your friends are attending and what events have the most buzz.

To see if you can have your business considered for inclusion: http://ow.ly/1RZli

21 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

8 06 2010

Been to busy to catch up on the latest essential social media resources? Have no fear, mashable has comiled a list and you you’ll find some important Facebook tips, a breakdown of the upcoming WordPress release, and some sweet BlackBerry apps for business.
Source: http://ow.ly/1RZdq

One specific resource that you may find useful is how to make the most of your twitter profile. Many people are using twitter but missing the fundamental basics on how to successfully utilize twitter. Here are some quick steps to get you going:

1. Create a Bio – Make it to the point as there is a word count
2. Choose a suitable profile picture that reflects the image of you or your business that you want to portray to others
3. Create or choose a unique background for your profile
4. Make use of the web link – have a personal or company website?
5. Keep your tweets up to date. The tweets people are going to see are most likely your most recent tweets.
6. Use Lists – keep your twitter followers organized into lists e.g. important people, business contacts, etc

Your Bio should end up looking a little like this:

Source: Mashable

Thomas Crampton Interview with David Kirkpatrick – United States of Facebook?

30 05 2010

Will your Facebook ID supersede your passport one day? This is just one of the interesting questions that David Kirkpatrick answers in this video interview with Thomas Crampton.

AD OF THE WEEK: State of The Internet according to JESS3

27 05 2010

We haven’t done one of these in a while but we promise to pick them back up – hope everyone is having a great week!

I’ve chosen this video as the ad of the week as it follows a philosophy that Moonlight also believes strongly in: advertising through education.  We love in world where decisions are made based on data and evidence, thus the best advertising is simply information that helps educate the consumer to make a better decision.

Incidentally, we’re very excited to be working on some of our own information that we hope to share with all of you in the summer time.

Some memorable take-aways:

  • 1.73 billion internet users worldwide (September 2009). Of those users, 418,029,796 are in Europe, 67,371,700 are in Africa, 20,970,490 are in Oceania and Australia, 179,031,479 are in Latin America and the Caribbean, 252,908,000 are in North America, and 738,257,230 are in Asia.
  • On social network sites, 84% of them had more women than men. Twitter had 27.3 million messages, or tweets, sent per day in November 2009. Ashton Kutcher is no joke. His Twitter account, @aplusk, had 4.25 million followers, and he was the most followed Twitter user. Speaking of social networks, Facebook served 20 billion page views per month; that’s more than 6 million page views per minute and 37.4 trillion page views in a year.
  • Taking a look at image content, 2.5 billion photos were upload each month to Facebook and 4 billion photos were hosted by Flickr (as of October 2009). At the current rate, 30 billion photos will be uploaded to Facebook per year.
  • The YouTube video platform served 1 billion videos per day; 12.2 billion videos were viewed per month in the U.S. (as of November 2009). Hulu had 924 million video views per month in the U.S. (as of November 2009). The average internet user watches 182 videos per month is the U.S. In the U.S., 82% of internet users view videos online.