Social Giving

On a basic level, we use social media to connect and communicate.  But social media is incredible in its ability to rapidly mobilize individuals and organizations toward a greater good, more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Beyond the commenting, tweeting, poking, liking, gaming and friending, people are also using social media to do some amazing and inspirational things to make the world a better place for all of us.

This is especially true during disasters (natural or otherwise); after the Haiti magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck, more than $10m USD was raised via a combination of social media buzz and a text-message campaign. We believe it’s only just the beginning of “social giving” and as people and organizations become more and more connected via social networks, it will become increasingly easier to lend a helping hand to those who need it and causes you are passionate about.

Toward that end, Moonlight is excited and honored to contribute to select non-profits through the use of social media to raise awareness for good causes. We’ve just started working with Project Kaisei, a global initiative to help clean the world’s ocean through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), partnership and individual action.

Never heard of the Plastic Vortex before?  Learn more about what it is and how and why this organization is battling it by checking out their site, their Facebook Group page and their Twitter.

We’re also excited to be helping the good folks at EmbraceGlobal, a non-profit based in Norther California USA.

Their mission is simple and daring at the same time: to empower the disadvantaged to improve their lives through disruptive technologies.  Toward that end, they have developed the Infant Warmer, a life-saving product for infants which costs less than 1% of the a traditional incubator.  Learn more about the inspirational team behind this product at their site, and check out their Facebook page and Twitter.

We hope to add to this list over time. We also urge everyone to consider getting involved in a charitable cause you care about; there are so many to choose from. All it takes is the first step of deciding that you want to help; the rest is easy. Volunteering is a great way to stay grounded, meet some amazing people and make friends.

What the mind of a (wo)Man can conceive and believe, (s)he can achieve. (Anonymous)


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