Video Update: 12 July 2010 (Blogging and the Old Spice Campaign

19 07 2010

Yes, that is some serious sunburn I have courtesy of falling asleep on a junkboat. I’m happy to report that it’s now healed and I’m no longer violet colored.

And in case you haven’t seen any of the Old Spice videos, here’s the very last one he filmed – I encourage you to watch all of them however as they’re all hilariously brilliant.


Video Update: 28 June, 2010

5 07 2010

Video Update: 21 June, 2010

24 06 2010

Measuring Social Media

20 03 2010

So you have a social media strategy – now what? The next stage is to find a way to measure social media. But how do you do that? Here are some tips:

1. Start with objectives and set goals that revolve around reputation, awareness, money, engagement, education and entertainment.

2. Monitor the following:

Activity and Engagement – including members, posts/threads, comments or ideas, inbound links, tags/votes/bookmarks, active profiles, referrals, post frequency.

Revenue and Business Development – including speed of sale cycle, percentage of repeat business, percentage of customer retention, transaction value, referrals, new leads, cost per lead and conversions from community.

Cost Savings – including issue resolution time, percentage of issues resolved online, account turnover, employee turnover, hiring/recruiting, training costs, new product ideas, development cycle time, product rate.

Awareness and Value – including brand loyalty, media placements, share of conversion, sentiment of posts, net promoter score, interaction with concept, employee social graphs.

Source: Radian 6

Growing Need For Local Social Media Strategies

15 03 2010

The January 2010 Digital Brand Report (DBI) revealed there is a growing need for a localized social media strategy. Research showed that a staggering number of online discussion was taking place that revolved around technology brands. A staggering increase of 40 per cent of online discussion was spotted in the last quarter of 2009, all of which via local channels besides twitter, the only international international channel to make the top 10 most commonly used sites for discussion.

What can marketers take away from this valuable research:
* Develop a tailored approach to manage online conversations about their brands
* Make a shift to a focus on social media campaigns rather than generic advertising
and one way marketing
* Listen, be willing to respond and build trust with customers in a sincere and
genuine way

Source: DBI

Making The Way For Social Media

14 02 2010

The following extract describes how regional marketers are searching for ways in which to define and plan a role for social media in Asia. Businesses are realizing that social media is a platform to directly communicate with their customers on a platform that they depend on. The leader markets in social media graph shows China, Japan and Korea are at the forefront of the craze:

MIT Review: How Obama Really Did It

6 01 2010

MIT Review put out a very interesting read on how the Obama campaign leveraged web and social media strategies to win the Presidency. Certainly he gained popular support by mobilizing young and moderate voters more successfully than any candidate in history, but how and why was he so effective in doing so?

Blue State Digital was the agency that helped him get there, and Jascha Franklin-Hodge is the current CTO. From the report, he summarizes “On every metric, the campaign has operated on a scale that exceeded what has been done before. We facilitate actions of every sort: sending e-mails out to millions and millions of people, organizing tens of thousands of events…The key is tightly integrating online activity with tasks people can perform in the real world. Yes, there are blogs and Listservs. But the point of the campaign is to get someone to donate money, make calls, write letters, organize a house party. The core of the software is having those links to taking action – to doing something.”

That they certainly did.