21 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

8 06 2010

Been to busy to catch up on the latest essential social media resources? Have no fear, mashable has comiled a list and you you’ll find some important Facebook tips, a breakdown of the upcoming WordPress release, and some sweet BlackBerry apps for business.
Source: http://ow.ly/1RZdq

One specific resource that you may find useful is how to make the most of your twitter profile. Many people are using twitter but missing the fundamental basics on how to successfully utilize twitter. Here are some quick steps to get you going:

1. Create a Bio – Make it to the point as there is a word count
2. Choose a suitable profile picture that reflects the image of you or your business that you want to portray to others
3. Create or choose a unique background for your profile
4. Make use of the web link – have a personal or company website?
5. Keep your tweets up to date. The tweets people are going to see are most likely your most recent tweets.
6. Use Lists – keep your twitter followers organized into lists e.g. important people, business contacts, etc

Your Bio should end up looking a little like this:

Source: Mashable




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