Social Sharing: Which Social Platforms Are Winning The Race?

10 04 2010

Distribution of shared items
Facebook: 44%
Twitter: 29%

Social traffic is becoming a massively powerful marketing tool for any business. Google for example is pushing its new product ‘Buzz’ as hard as it can because of their desire to generate more social traffic. Currently, Twitter, Myspace and Facebook are leading the rivalry and are even overtaking search traffic as the single biggest source of internet traffic.

A key realization is the extent to which such social sharing is tied to different identity and authentication platforms across the Web. Logging into a site using your Facebook or Twitter account is an easier way to broadcast links from that site to your friends. Below is a break down of which services on the Web currently drive the most sharing:

Share of Authentication By Platform:

News sites:
Facebook: 31%
Google: 30%
Yahoo: 25%
Twitter: 11%
AOL: 3%

Entertainment sites:
Facebook: 52%
Google: 17%
Yahoo: 12%
Twitter: 11%
MySpace: 7%
AOL: 1%

Live Event Chat:
Facebook: 56%
Twitter: 28%
Yahoo: 9%
MySpace: 7%

Top 10 Services, Overall

Facebook: 33%
Email: 13%
Twitter: 9%
Favorites: 8%
Google: 6%
MySpace: 6%
Digg: 3%
Live: 3%
Delicious: 3%

Source: Tech Crunch




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