The 4 C’s of Scaling Social Media

15 03 2010

Scaling your social media efforts takes a steady focus on sticking to an operational plan. Unaddressed customer problems can be a nightmare for your brand, especially in a medium that spawns the level of public interaction that social does. The best brands use social media as a conversation device where information and opinions are exchanged willingly and openly. Here are four key steps to scale social media:

1. Customer Support: Whether or not you use social media for customer support now, as you expand your social footprint, you will need to address scaling your support teams to handle what will be a very likely increase in inquiries, complaints, and comments coming through the social media channel.
2. Communication: Before you ramp up your investment into social media, think about how your brand intends to interact with your customers in this channel. Map out a strategy to share information with your audience on a regular basis and create open doors where they can share their input with you.
3. Content: If communication serves to engage your social media audience, think of content as a way to entertain and/or educate your social media audience. Understand what your customers want to experience and create a schedule for content that addresses those wants.
4. Count: While you may be able to build a social media audience very quickly without one or more of the first three components, you cannot sustain it unless you have all of these components working together. Before you rush out and spend $250,000 on a Facebook campaign to grow the number of fans of your page, take a look at how you are merchandising your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, a blog, etc.) via your owned digital assets, such as your website and newsletter.

Source: iMedia Connection




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