Is your Product/Service Remarkable?

22 01 2010

I really enjoyed this presentation where famous blogger Seth Godin presents some observations on marketing, branding and how products stand out in a sea of competitors.

I agree 100% with his recommendation at approx 9:55 that brands focus less on selling to the masses (since the majority will ignore the message) and instead sell to those specific individuals that are CRAZY about your brand and want to hear more. Sell to these folks and they will be your best marketing assets.

Perhaps the main take-away from this video is related to old adage that we’ve all heard before, especially in business context: what will make you stand out? Godin also takes time to delve into what it actually means to be remarkable: not to be the best or the cheapest or most brilliant – but to possess a characteristic that is worth making a remark about.  And what’s key here I think, is that this applies to the product but also the marketing.  Ding!

Godin warns that if you stick to the safe marketing message and target it at the masses, chances are your product will be ignored and forgotten by the masses, who will be too busy drowning out other unremarkable marketing messages to consider buying yours.




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