MIT Review: How Obama Really Did It

6 01 2010

MIT Review put out a very interesting read on how the Obama campaign leveraged web and social media strategies to win the Presidency. Certainly he gained popular support by mobilizing young and moderate voters more successfully than any candidate in history, but how and why was he so effective in doing so?

Blue State Digital was the agency that helped him get there, and Jascha Franklin-Hodge is the current CTO. From the report, he summarizes “On every metric, the campaign has operated on a scale that exceeded what has been done before. We facilitate actions of every sort: sending e-mails out to millions and millions of people, organizing tens of thousands of events…The key is tightly integrating online activity with tasks people can perform in the real world. Yes, there are blogs and Listservs. But the point of the campaign is to get someone to donate money, make calls, write letters, organize a house party. The core of the software is having those links to taking action – to doing something.”

That they certainly did.




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