Ad of the Week – IKEA Gives Away Furniture Via Facebook Name Tagging

27 11 2009

The best type of advertising bar none is word-of-mouth. The second best is PERCEIVED word of mouth which Facebook has been working on for quite some time by allowing users to see certain preferences and actions of their friends. IKEA took advantage of this for a creative ad campaign to promote a new store.

The idea was simple: 1.) upload pictures of IKEA showrooms, 2.) the first person to tag themselves on the various products in each picture, won the product they tagged.

The result was some serious tagging and even more serious advertising exposure for Ikea.  Instead of people just looking at a banner with furniture, the users promoted IKEA themselves through their behaviors, drawing their networks of friends into the competition essentially via word of mouth.

View the actual photo album they uploaded on the profile page created for this campaign – personal page of store manager Gordon Gustavsson.

Crucial to this initiative is to realize that IKEA committed to the idea through their willingness to give away product.  This adds up; here’s some quick figures to consider:

  • 11 images uploaded for people to win items
  • estimated TOTAL retail cost of products in each image: $10k USD
  • estimated ACTUAL cost of product: $4k (shot in the dark)
  • Total cost: 11 images x $3k USD = $44k USD

This certainly puts the campaign in perspective.  Granted, we also don’t know what marketing budget they planned for this store opening for which this could be a pittance.  Either way though, it demonstrates real commitment on IKEA”s part to offer a tangible and valuable carrot for users which no doubt influenced the success of the campaign.




One response

28 11 2009

Your math is a lil fuzzy there but I think I get the point.

Cool campaign, though I’m curious how one calculates the brand value of such an effort.


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