iPhone 3GS vs HTC Hero – Dogfight (phonedog.com)

24 11 2009

So as I prepare to leave the corporate world (hopefully forever), obviously the most pressing question I’m struggling with is what will replace my crappy blackberry. I currently have an old beatup blackberry (8707v) and a God-awful plan because my company has issues with being on an intelligent or efficient smartphone plan, but that’s another post. Anyways, it has gotten me through some rough patches and definitely saved my butt a few times so I will miss it and the times we had – sigh.

But I’m THRILLED to be moving into the modern era and get me a smart phone that the rest of the connected world is actually using. I believe I’ll take a break from RIM for a while so am now considering the iPhone or an Android phone. In Hong Kong, the primary offering is the HTC Hero though I will likely hold out until a new version with Android 2.0 hits the market. Anyone know when that will be???

I found this video from Dogfight to be useful and sway me towards an Android phone. Long-story short, the “open-ness” of the Hero and the re-engineered focus on connectivity across networks certainly makes the Hero a contender to iPhone, though the initial versions of Android (“cupcake” and “donut“) fell a tad short of the iPhone experience. The early reviews of the Android 2.0 OS suggest a much better user experience and hence, a bloody rematch where Android phones may emerge victorious.




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