Google’s Chrome OS Demo – HOT DAMN!

20 11 2009

Google’s Chrome OS, amazingly simple and consequently unimaginably powerful, is poised to change the hardware and software landscape dramatically.

(Light-bulb moment: 9:00)

Combine Google’s search dominance, the massive waves they’re making with Droid in the mobile space, the countless terrabytes of data they own on user behavior, and soon their very real alternate offering to the soon to be formerly dominant Microsoft, and you have an entity with incredible power and reach into just about anything with a plug.

This leaves all of us asking the obvious question – is there anything Google can NOT do????

A good friend of mine were discussing this very topic on the summer. We concluded that it would be completely feasible (and likely efficient) for a city to contract the management of their traffic lights to Google for the purpose of optimized traffic signals to alleviate congestion, assist during emergencies etc. I nominate Los Angeles as the first city in need of this new Google product, which I’ll call “(Actual) Traffic Optimizer”

Stranger than fiction huh? Yah, just like a computer with only a browser.

Beware of pig poo falling from the sky….




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