Who’s driving the Social Media bus in the Enterprise Space?

21 10 2009

Interesting clip by Olivier Blanchard discussing the evolution of social media, as well as who’s been jumping on the social media band wagon. Many agencies especially have been largely unsuccessfully because of lack of true understanding around how to do it in a scalable fashion. He observes after reading a post by @jowyang that the Big Four firms (Omnicom, WPP, Interrepublic, Publicis) are moving in as well but wondering how they intend to actually do this effectively. At the same time, how will they address issues of strategy, implementation, execution and measurement?


From my experience having worked with agencies largely on the SEM side, I would argue that agencies are used to working on campaigns not dissimilar to assembly lines: one person sells it, another forecasts, another does copy, another edits, another tags it, and all the directors are cc’d! More cooks in the kitchen typically means a looser and looser understanding of the project especially with social media where there are multiple objectives involved that need to be considered, driven, researched constantly.

For that reason, I would agree that the Big Four have a tough challenge ahead of them if they want to run social media for the clients both correctly and profitably. This would also suggest that their clients who hire them may run the risk of being guinea pigs for the agency to learn the do’s and don’ts of SMM at their expense.




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