Moonlighthk on 95 out of 100 – Woo Hoo!

29 09 2009

Growing up, academics were very important to my family. Not in a psycho abusive way, but my dad did ground me from going out during the weekdays after school one for an entire semester after I returned with a C in 9th grade math. Did a lot of reading that semester….

But I digress; the point is that that type of upbringing and our “need to win” society has resulted in me feeling on top of the world that has rated me 95 out of 100. No grounding for me.


Chatting with Jay Oatway this morning at Tweet Camp and he made the point that’s algorithm isn’t perfect – agree completely otherwise I’d be 100 out of 100!

Of course, I must say that’s algorithm is OBVIOUSLY more accurate than But it does inspire me to work a little harder at tweeting. Sigh! What kind of a world where a part of our self-worth comes from how big a deal we are on virtual campus????




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