AsiaClassified Update: 21 June

25 06 2009

What a week in Hong Kong! Rain, rain, more rain and LISTINGS!

The best free classified site to buy, sell, rent anything!

Here at AsiaClassified, we’ve been working hard to find some great listings for Hong Kongers on just about anything: from Properties to Business Opportunities, from Arts and Crafts to Cars and Boats.  If you haven’t heart yet, AsiaClassified is the best free classified site to buy, sell, rent anything.  Our mission is to provide both buyers and sellers an easy to use tool that helps you find what you’re looking for.

Because we’ve got a lot of listings already and we’re always growing, we thought it would be helpful to summarize some of this week’s most “interesting” listings (how you define interesting is up to you):

  1. Soliflor Oval Vase from INSIDE ($210): It’s super easy and affordable to buy beautiful flowers in Hong Kong and if you do so, it’s worth it to put them in a nice looking vase – not to mention that it helps keep your flowers alive. This listing from INSIDE will help with that objective, and with three stores in Hong Kong (Central, Ap Lei Chau, and Repulse Bay) it’s easy for you to get to one.  Subcategory: Glassware
  2. 1.5 mth old male multibreed for Adoption: This little guy is too cute and needs a home.  Plus, who DOESN’T like looking at pictures of puppies?? Subcategory: Dogs & Puppies
  3. ANY ONE HOUR MASSAGE (VALUPEDIA): Long week filled with stress, anxiety, not enough sleep and too much work?  Why not treat yourself and save at the same time?  Get a relaxing massage and let go of the crazy week and get yourself prepared for the weekend!  Xi Shi Well Being was established to deliver the massage experience to you, wherever you may be.  Subcategory: Vouchers & Coupons
  4. Floating Dock: I’ve always wanted a dock to call my own.  Now I just need a boat…  Subcategory: Boats Parts & Accessories
  5. Asian female model for hire: um, self-explanatory.  And, even better to look at then puppies I think. Subcateogry: Modeling

That’s all for now – have a great weekend Hong Kong!




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