Moonlight Marketing is Hiring

18 01 2009

Hi there.  We’d like to meet you if you are any of the following:

  • a coder/programmer/web-designer intern,
  • a local Chinese with experience with platforms like,, Baidu space, etc.,
  • social media enthusiast with corporate experience,
  • a hungry college grad looking to work your butt off in a start-up,

Moonlight Marketing is a fantastic place to work. One employee under condition of anonymity says, “This is the best company I’ve ever worked at.” Among other things, we offer: free oxygen, an office with a light, a key to a bathroom (male AND female) and reasonably fresh fruit from time to time.

On a serious note, we are looking for some special individuals with very specific skill-sets and interests who are interested in a very specific experience (start-up). This isn’t your classic 9 to 5 job, nor will this be a normal corporate experience.

We are a start-up consultancy working on projects in one of the most dynamic segments of the online space.  Our projects are growing quickly because we manage our business with pragmatism, devotion, and a keen focus on client delivery and satisfaction. We are in the ground-stage of development where the people we bring in will have a dramatic influence on the direction Moonlight Marketing takes, and where strong performers will have a chance to earn equity. You are not expected to know everything; but you will need to learn, study, and bust your butt to succeed (like most things in life).  And by the time we’re done with you, you will be a core member of a lean, mean, social media machine.

If you live in Hong Kong or Singapore and would like to learn more, apply by sending a text to 852.9225.3576 with the answers to the following questions:

  • Who founded Twitter?
  • Which company is working on Project Natal?
  • What HTML subset is used in Facebook?

(Email your answer to

We look forward to hearing from you; prepare to be inspired!




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